About Us

The Evolve Media Group runs events, conferences, magazines and digital products in both the BtoB and consumer sectors.

The Wearable Technology Show is now a global event in its seventh year of operation, with shows in London and Silicon Valley. We also organise The AVR360 Show and Digital Health Technology Show, as well as our industry focussed conference, WAVE.

The Battery Technology Show & Future of Hybrid and EV Conference is now firmly established as the leading event for battery innovation in the UK.

In 2019, we are launching the Smart City Summit and Urban Mobility Expo

Every year, tens of thousands visit our Down Under Live and Canada Live events across the UK, excited by the prospect of a new life abroad, and drawn by our unique marketing campaigns and market leading seminar programmes.

Our award winning magazines, Australia & New Zealand, Working Overseas and Canada, all have loyal and passionate readerships, both in print and digital format, and we also publish a range of special bookazines which are available across the UK.

We have a huge social media reach across Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other platforms.

Headquartered in Bristol, the Evolve Media Group has posted continuous growth.

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